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Welcome to the SemperFi Gaming Community!

Semper Fi (short for Semper Fidelis or Always Faithful) is a community based on kindness, friendship and loyalty.

Founded in February 2014, we aspired to become one family, as a family of gamers and today we have done as such. Starting in Battlefield 4 we started with server hosting and growing from there. Ever since we have hosted servers in Battlefield 1 as well and we have expanded into different games. We don’t play for high skill or to become the best, we play games to have fun, to have a break from our daily lives and just enjoy the game. 

In short, we have the following rules:

  • No bad language or extensive swearing.
  • No racism/nazism.
  • No sharing of pornographic material or material that others may find offensive. (i.e. violence)
  • No discussions about religion or politics. (this tends to go bad)
  • Be respectful towards your friends but also towards your enemies. (If there’s a problem please contact a General Manager immediately)
  • Always try to help people out as best as you can.
  • No spamming.
  • Be nice to bunny.
  • Please ask permission from a General Manager for self-advertisement in general. (this is to prevent spamming and or ‘using’ SF as a platform)

Semper Fi Gaming

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Semper Fi Gaming is affiliated with the Hardcore League! For those that don’t know the Hardcore league, they’re a competitive league for all platforms in the Battlefield scene.

They are hosting pre-RSP events with multiple teams and spreading their wings to the EU. If there are any of you that have competitive ambitions within Battlefield, HCL is the place to go!

Discord link:


HL Team Portal
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Despite that Rental Server Program is not a thing for Battlefield V we still support the game as well as the other Battlefield titles. We used to run servers but currently, we do not given the unknown direction of the franchise. With a new fresh setting that is inspired by World War 2 and the addition of Firestorm Battlefield V feels different than any other Battlefield.

However, the new Battlefield still has major focus on playing the objective as a team. The more you team up, the better you will do and that, that is where Team Semper Fi steps in. Join us and conquer every match while pulling stupid jokes just for the fun of it.

Despite everything we still run a platoon in Battlefield. Search for Team SemperFi in BF4 or BF1 and you will find us. Our main platoon in BF1 is verified, however, due to the slot limit of 100 we have multiple platoons. If a platoon is full, please apply to the next one.

About Battlefield

We support the entire franchise the best way we can. We still participate in events and try to host events where possible. It should be noted that we DO SUPPORT BATTLEFIELD 3/4/1 and BFV

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is a sequel to the first The Division game. In this sequel you will try and liberate Washington D.C. and restore the government to your best ability.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has a Clan feature which allows you to gain small advantages over others and to group up faster to complete more complex missions. We’ve set up a clan and it can be found under the following parameters:

Clan Name: Semperfi Gaming
Platform(s): PC
Region: Europe
Language: English
Focus: PvE/PvP

We are looking for a new manager for North-America!