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Community event: April 19th 2019 Team SemperFi vs AMG

Alright, everyone!

it’s been a while, but we have got incoming again! THE COMMUNITY NIGHT! This time, however, we’re going to do it a bit differently ( again ) . We’ve set up a friendly clan match between team SemperFi and the guys over at AMG, a like-minded family of gamers that are eager to get a match going between us to communities!

The rules are pretty simple: THERE ARE NONE!! that’s right! NONE, defib kills, UCAV kills, Iraqi taxi’s, anything goes when trying to win ofc! We’re doing 3 rounds, each conquest small, with a time limit of 30 minutes per round.

Pretty straight forward right? The Teams will draft 10 people that can sign up for the event using the link underneath this post, please do sign up and above all; come and have fun! If there are more than 10 that signed up, we’ll enlarge the teams on both ends so we can accommodate everyone for this special occasion!

Zavod 311
Lancang Dam
and for the final, the map we all love SIEGE OF SHANGAI!

The date: April 19th ( so it’s FRIDAY NIGHT BATTLEFIELD ! )
time: 2000 UK time, 2100 for the dutchies and the rest can figure out what time it is for them, but you will be reminded a few hours before the game! ( our event manager is not so good with timezones :joy:

As per usual, the server info will be posted ( along with the password ) in the announcement channel and the battlefield channels.

Sign up here:

Team SemperFi