• This website is only used for basic information. For direct contact with the Admins/Community please join our Discord.

General information

This page only contains general information about Team SemperFi.

  • We are NOT the Team Semper Fi “Fund” or have any affiliation with them. We are a (mostly) European based gaming community.
  • We have closed registration on this website due to the increased privacy laws and now the new incoming copyright directive. The reason for this is that we are a small team and we do not have the skills or capacity to keep track on what happens on our website.
  • Banned from Team SemperFi? Use our Discord and contact a General Manager to appeal. Banned from our Discord? Then it must’ve gone really bad or you got unlucky and got miss clicked. Either way, you can still try and appeal through an e-mail. (see top left for a button to contact through e-mail)
  • Servers? Yes, we had them and still want to have them. However, the old Battlefield titles are no longer interesting to host a server in as we wouldn’t be able to keep them alive with our current capacity. Newever Battlefield titles, unfortunately, have stripped us from our basic needs or even the entire ability to host/rent a server.